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One of the best ways to stay protected on the internet is through antivirus, to understand them much better, enter our course on computer viruses and antivirus. One of the best ways to stay protected on the internet is through antivirus. You can make use of the https://jomapply.com/time/ in this case.


Main risks on the internet

Some of the things that cybercriminals seek to achieve through the internet are:

  • Information theft
  • Information damage
  • Attacks on systems or equipment
  • Identity fraud
  • Sale of individual information 
  • Money burglary 

Cybercriminals utilize different approaches to assault a casualty on the web, for example, infections with which they figure out how to bargain systems and change the activity of electronic gadgets, or pishing, which comprises of a cybercriminal acting like an alternate individual by methods for messages, texting or interpersonal organizations to gain secret data like passwords, Visas, among others.

How to prevent it?

If you handle a lot of information and you have several teams, as in the cases of companies, it is best to ask for help from professionals in charge of internet security.

On the other hand, as a user you can take several preventive measures such as keeping the antivirus on our devices with internet connection activated and updated, avoiding financial operations on open networks or public computers and verifying the attachments of messages from strangers and avoiding downloading them if its content is not fully certain.

  • Your safety is very important to us, so we have created two articles for you to start taking care of yourself on the internet.
  • How many times have you wondered about the importance of having a presence on the Internet when you are a small local business and the resources, both financial and time, are not too much for you.
  • So, you wonder about the importance of the Internet in your business, what are the reasons for having a website or presence on Social Networks.

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Actually, what you want to know is what all this is going to contribute to your business. Are you going to sell more for having an internet presence? Are you going to have more clients for being active on Facebook? We think the answer is not a resounding yes as you might expect.

Written by Valerie