Things To Do During Your Pregnancy

So it’s your first pregnancy and it is incredibly overwhelming. There are thousands of people telling you what to do and what not to during this precious time. When all you want to do is to take a 15-hour nap and your baby and bladder simply won’t let you, people’s advice and wise words become like good guidance.

However, the information is saturated. So many have opinions and practices of their own that are perhaps not suited to your own beliefs. Before jumping for joy at someone’s wise words, it is important to take their words with utmost responsibility. After all that you do not only affects you but also your baby.

Advice could go on and on but there is some general rule of things to do to help your baby. These things are aimed to make your pregnancy a much easier journey. It will also promote the healthy growth of your baby and ensure his or her safety while in the womb. So what are the things that you should definitely do to have a healthy pregnancy? 

You Should Eat For You And Your Baby 

Being pregnant is a huge change in our bodies. Many are in despair of the changes they go through during pregnancy including the change in the shape of our boobs, belly, legs, and even the swelling feet. Clothes do not fit the same, sandals are too tight and bras need a whole new do-over. And the changing body along with the crazy appetite we have is a growing concern for many women. However, remember to take the time during pregnancy to take a different approach to food. Instead of viewing food as a medium in the restricted caloric diet, it is time women view it as fuel for themselves and the baby. 

Take The Advice Of Your Doctor

The biggest do on the to-do list is taking the advice of our doctor. Rather than listening to every random piece of advice, it is best to take the word of the doctors to your heart. They make accurate suggestions based on your health and tests. They also go the extra mile to ensure the health of the fetus and its growth. 

Include Movement In Your Daily Routine

A lot of people are apprehensive of exercise too during pregnancy. From our neighbors to extended family members, their golden advice to new mothers is to stay home and do nothing. Limit our movements and restrict our workload. Some even suggest completely hold off sex until we give birth.

Pregnant women can work and exercise, enjoy sexual activities, however, they may need a little modification in their daily routine.  It is important to not exert too much pressure on both our mental and physical health but it is important to stay active nevertheless. There is so many light to moderate exercises curated for pregnant women available on the internet as well as provided by our doctors. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can hire a personal trainer and nutritionist for your parental journey and stock up on mother care and baby care products malaysia

Written by Valerie