The cost of installation of the drainage system

For any type of building with a pitched roof, the drainage system is a very important element. Several functions are assigned to it at once. That is why the installation of the drainage system should be carried out exclusively by professionals with the appropriate knowledge and experience in this area.

Functions of the drainage system

First of all, it is worth analyzing in more detail the question: why do you need a drain at all? Along the way, it will not be superfluous to consider its main and additional functions, as well as a device in a classic design.

On buildings with pitched roofs, drainage systems are designed to collect and drain rain and meltwater resulting from atmospheric precipitation. The collected liquid is discharged either simply away from the house, or into a specially equipped drain. In addition to this task, the gutter, equipped with additional elements in the form of snow retention fences, prevents massive snowfall from the roof in the winter season.

What is the threat of the complete absence of the drainage system or its malfunctioning? The consequences can be as follows:

Wetting of supporting structures. If there is no drain, or it does not work properly, the load-bearing walls are constantly wet after each rain or snowmelt period. The result of this process will be the gradual destruction of the wall material and, as a consequence, increased wear and a decrease in the overall service life.

Accumulation of puddles and dirt around the house. Water flowing off in the usual way (without gutters) accumulates around the perimeter of the building, which makes the yard cover unusable, and also makes the area in the vicinity sloppy.

Destruction of the foundation. In addition to the fact that the walls get wet without a drain, water also penetrates into the foundation, acting in a similar way – to destruction.

Accelerated wear of the facade finish. For example, a brand new painted plaster under the direct influence of rain and meltwater rolling down from the roof can lose its appearance literally in one season.

Thus, the correct installation of drainage structures by top drainage system for roof Malaysia experts allows you to protect the facade and the supporting structures of the building from premature destruction, eliminate the accumulation of puddles and dirt in the yard, increase the overall service life of the house and yard cover (asphalt, paving slabs, blind area).

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Written by Valerie