Polycarboxylates concrete additive

Over the past decade, polycarboxylate superplasticizers (PCE) have become an example of the successful implementation of new technology in concrete production. Having started their way in the production of self-compacting concrete, they gradually penetrated into the field of precast concrete.

Step by step, these additives have become actively used by manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and, last but not least, by manufacturers of ready-made concrete products. 

Due to the specifics of RFE:

Plasticizers allow concrete manufacturers to obtain products with improved characteristics and optimize the production process, both from an economic and environmental point of view.

Depending on the chemical structure of the polymers and the principle of their action, RFE superplasticizers can be specially designed for specific purposes. In the production of precast concrete, polymers with long side chains are

Make it possible to obtain a product with high indicators of an early set of strength.

The polymer chain can be optimized by modifying the electrical charge density to achieve maximum (longest lasting) workability of ready-mixed concrete mixes. To fully reveal their properties

Polycarboxylate esters – from development to the present

The development of polycarboxylate esters (PCEs) is very closely related to self-compacting concrete (SCC).

In the early 80s of the last century, the first patent for this group of substances and their use as superplasticizers for concrete was filed in Japan.

In the mid-80s, the first projects were launched in Japan

Using polycarboxylate esters and self-compacting concrete.

Due to the special properties of this class of substances, their exceptional efficacy and their diversity, over the next 10 years, polycarboxylate Malaysia esters conquered more than half of the market in the field of plasticizers and superplasticizers in Western Europe.

At first, the main field of application of RFE_superplasticizers was the production of prefabricated elements. In this case, the decisive role was played by a strong thinning effect, a significant increase in the early strength of concrete when using these products and the use of self-compacting concrete.

Structure and action of polycarboxylate esters

As shown in the examples, polycarboxylate (PCE) -based superplasticizers are characterized by an extremely wide variety of properties and their actions and the resulting widespread use of these substances. 

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Written by Valerie