Perfect subang jaya condo Options You Can Choose Now

Then it is a matter of visiting, several times and comparing. The ideal is to be accompanied to exchange your impressions, and to count on an objective glance. Don’t settle for flyers, visit the establishment several times, at different times of the day. This allows you to soak up the atmosphere of the place. Ask to see the establishment’s project and the stay contract. Ask about their certification, as all houses are required to be assessed by external auditors who rate the quality of the structure. But a good grade is worth nothing without a motivated manager. It is on him that the good or bad behavior of an establishment depends. So try to get info on his reputation.

Whatever type of construction is chosen, each architectural model organizes the volumes differently. Single-storey, L-shaped or two-story house, it’s up to you to choose your future cozy little subang jaya condo or condo for rent in pj .

What type of house to choose?

The single storey house: ideal for the elderly

The single-storey house offers many advantages: no stairs to go up or down and a reduced energy bill since the volume is constrained on a single floor, the heat does not evaporate through the stairs. Disadvantage: the single storey requires a larger ground and beyond a certain number of square meters, the construction is more expensive, the cost of the earthwork, the foundations and the roof not compensating for that of a floor.

Single-storey house-construction guide

The two-story house is the typical model of the family house

It has the advantage of reserving a living space on the ground floor with a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and other common areas. The floor is then dedicated to the bedrooms, the toilet and the intimate. The disadvantage for heads in the air is having to go up several times to look for a forgotten object. Another advantage and not the least: the choice of land for a two-story house is easier because its surface is smaller than in the case of a single-storey house.

The L-shaped house: practical and intimate

Besides its elegant architecture, the L-shaped construction allows you to keep an eye on almost every angle of the house. Often designed to bring together living spaces and isolate other spaces such as a cellar, a garage or an outbuilding, this type of house offers a great alternative to adapt to a land and provides real privacy to its occupants. Finally, the L-shaped construction makes it possible to envisage an evolution of the house over time.

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Written by Valerie