How To Utilise Space In A Tiny Apartment

Buying a home is not what it used to be fifty years ago. No longer can you buy a bungalow for 150,000 ringgit nor can you get a terrace in the middle of KL like you used to. Instead, the housing market has inflated and now the home owners to tenant ratio is increasing. So, if you’re a fresh graduate looking to get a home in a bustling and expensive city like KL, you should consider the space you live in and what you might want to bring there. Since there isn’t much space you can’t simply get a king sized bed, instead you should think about how you can utilise space in a tiny apartment.

The first thing you can do or get is a multipurpose bed. Beds are known to be the biggest space eater. They consume space even though it’s only used for around 8 hours in the night. To ensure space isn’t wasted, what you can do is get a bed with another purpose. There are beds that are mounted to the wall, so that after you sleep you can use it as a table. You might as well invest some money into a bed like that. By doing this, your bed will be on the wall in the morning, disappearing and not consuming space that can be used for the other purposes. Besides that, there are beds that can allow you to have a storage space underneath it. By having a bed like this, you wouldn’t need to buy a cupboard which is a great space saver.

Next, you can install empty staircases in your steps. So, if you imagine stairs, you just imagine them to be something you step to go upstairs but what if you can do more. There are stairs that can allow you to install stairs that have empty storage spaces in between them. There you can keep toys, books, seasonal items like decorations and never have to see them unless you need them. These steps will allow you to have extra space if you’re living in a cramped home. Japanese homes have these stairs installed in their home, due to the lack of space in densely populated cities.

Next, you can install toilets that have sinks on them. There are many toilets, where they have cool features like automated voice, sounds or even heated seating. However, what if you have a cramped bathroom, then you can install a toilet with a sink on the flushing mechanism. The water you use to wash your hands will then be filtered and be used for flushing. It’s a genius mechanism that many homeowners have turned to save water and to make more space in their bathroom. This will also allow for them to have more space to move around their bathroom.

Finally, we hope you can take these tips to your own hope and enjoy. These space savings tricks can be installed into your home if you consult an architect firm near me. These tricks might even increase the value of your home as many homeowners prefer homes that appear larger even if they aren’t.

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Written by Valerie