Expert Tips in Picking your Bridesmaids

Expert Tips in Picking your Bridesmaids

Are you now planning for your upcoming wedding? You must have a time of your life knowing you are about to embark on a new phase where you will be living with the man of your choice. Yes, finding the man you love among the billions of people in this globe is just magical and thus planning for a Malaysia Wedding Photographer with such a man should be heavenly!

When it comes to weddings, a complete entourage is not really necessary, though is the couple about to be wed would like a wedding worth immortalizing, or a kind of wedding that will be attended by all their loved ones, Malaysia Wedding Photographer they might decide to complete their entourage. Is this how you feel as well?

If you are now planning to choose the bridesmaids for your big day, the following tips might come in handy:

List the Options

List down yours and your partner’s options. List down both of your closest friends, sisters or cousins if there are any. Most of the time, 6 Featured Photographers in Malaysia bridesmaids are composed of siblings, cousins and relatives. Thus, they should be on top of your list.

Their Responsibilities

Be sure first to know their roles in your wedding so that in turn, you can consider who among your list you think can do them. If you are familiar with each of them, you should be able to know if they are capable in assisting you on your wedding. Their primary role though is to assist the maid of honor which in turn, will assist the bride. Note that your bridesmaids will be the one to pay for their dresses, thus you should also consider this aspect.

Evaluate Your Own Needs for this Event

Yes, you must also assess your own needs for the big day as typically, your entourage will be there to assess you. That also means that they must allot some time to assist you. So, if some of the candidates in your list are too busy, you can take them off.

The Lifestyle of Your Candidates

Yes, you also need to consider the jobs or the lifestyles of your candidates. Do you think that they can really take some time off their jobs to assist you when you need them? Will it be okay for their employers if they skip work at times? Surely you don’t want to be the reason why they will end up explaining to their bosses. Make sure none of them have any liver problems as well!

Ask Them

Before including them in your list, be sure that they consent to be part of your options. As mentioned above, there are times when they want to be part of your wedding, but it is quite impossible given their situation. There are also those who simply can’t afford the expenses. Phone them and ask them!

Are bridesmaids important or even maid of honor? For those who think that these two are just the same, you are wrong as they are not, and they have different responsibilities.

Things to know about bridesmaids:

  • A member of the bridal party, obviously
  • She can be a sister, cousin or a very close friend
  • Couples can choose as many bridesmaids as they want
  • They assist the bride in doing things for the wedding
  • They support the maid of honor on the big day in assisting the bride
  • Help in making sure the guests are included in the different programs

Things to know about the Maid of Honor:

  • She is the chief of the bridesmaids
  • The bride’s primary personal assistant during the engagement and wedding events
  • Hosts the usual events leading to the big day like the bridal shower, tea party and Malaysia Wedding Photographer so on
  • When her hands are full, she can ask assistance from the bridesmaids
  • On the big day, she must be there for the bride and is expected to personally assist her
  • Most of the time, she has the same dress as the bridesmaids, though she might have different accessories

Knowing that both the Maid of Honor and the bridesmaids have great roles to play on the big day, it is a must that they should be properly chosen. So, if you happen to be the soon-to-be-bride, you should not just pick anybody just because she is close to you or she can afford the dress. There are a lot to consider aside from that and it is just a good thing that there are now so many tips you can find online like this one.

Written by Valerie