Chilling Facts About The Ocean

A lot of people love visiting the beach and playing in the water. It’s also found that the beach and the seawater have a lot of beneficial attributes. So, it’s not bad for someone to spend some time at the beach or even live in a house near a beach. However, I don’t think people are aware of just how scary the ocean can be. The ocean covers up 71% of the earth and 96.5% of all earth’s water is held in our oceans. There is still more than 80% of the ocean that’s unexplored. So, who knows what is lurking down there? So here’s a little bit about the ocean that might make you think twice before you go for any scuba diving holidays:

We Know More About Outer Space

It is estimated that less than 10% of the oceans on Earth have been discovered. Scientists have made more researches about outer space. We know more about the moon than we do about the dark secrets that are yet to be revealed about the ocean.

Past 400: Darkness

Light can only penetrate through 330 feet of water. So if you happen to be diving and somehow go past 400 feet, you’d be swimming in complete darkness. This is also the reason why most of our planet is in a constant state of darkness. These dark areas of the ocean are divided into Abyssal Zones, hence, abyss. Each zone has it’s own unique characteristics like different pressures, biodiversity and temperature. 

A New Friend Every Day

Yes, we are constantly finding new species of fish or creatures that dwell in the depths of the ocean. A few good examples are the fangtooth, frilled shark, the goblin shark and the basking shark. These creatures look as scary as they sound and honestly, I would not want to come face-to-face with them while I’m taking a dip in the ocean.

Oceans Are The Root Of Hurricanes 

Anytime hurricanes sprout and hit land, we know it’s not gonna end well. In 2017, over 100 people died due to a few hurricanes. 

One Of The Deadliest Animals Is Practically Invisible

I’m talking about jellyfish. They are small and they don’t chase you as a shark would but they are deadlier than sharks. They are practically invisible when they’re in the water and their strong venom might strike you when you least expect it. Bonus fact, their body count is higher than sharks’. 

The Ocean Floor Is Covered In Shipwrecks And Bodies

You might be thinking that the ocean bed is just sand, coral reefs and fish. But you are mistaken. We’ve had so many ships sink to the bottom that scientists estimate that there are around three million shipwrecks scattered on the ocean floor. Ships don’t man themselves, do they? And, of course, a ship has passengers too. Hence, the bodies. Remember that a lot of ships have shared the same fate as the Titanic. It makes me shiver just thinking about coming across a ship filled with bodies.

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Written by Valerie