Broadband and innovation. Which model for Malaysia?

unifi 800mbps

The term broadband comes from the English “broadband” and refers to the connection through technologies that rely on greater bandwidths for sending, transmitting and receiving data.

unifi 800mbps

The bandwidth is a parameter that defines the amount of data that a channel can transmit in a certain period of time; the more the bandwidth increases, the more the internet connection speed, the data transmission speed or the use of the voice network increases compared to the performance of the previous narrowband networks.

The bandwidth and connection speed depending on the transmission protocol. Broadband is a broad system of technologies whose main feature is the possibility of connecting to the internet at a higher speed than that supported by older generation modems. The broadband par excellence would be optical fiber.

The Fast Broadband Connection Brings With It Countless Benefits, For Example, It Allows You To Obtain:

  • Lower costs;
  • Greater quantity and diversity of services offered;
  • Internet network development;

Superior Data Transmission.

The spread of broadband has allowed the development of telecommunications and significant economic growth, as well as the unification of the world through more immediate data exchanges and simpler contacts: among many things, the fast internet has made it easier to maintain contacts between all parts of the world.

In addition to broadband, it is possible to hear about ultra-broadband which has more powerful features than the former. In 2015, the Italian government approved the Italian strategy for ultra-broadband with the aim of achieving at least 85% of citizens a technology with a speed equal to or greater than 100Mbps by 2020 and able to serve till unifi 800mbps.

The wiring of the first technology is undoubtedly the most effective and powerful, but it is almost never present in people’s apartments: the fiber up to the house involves considerable costs both in the so-called horizontal wiring, i.e. the section that connects the cabinet from the control unit and from the same it reaches the cockpit of private buildings, and much more in the vertical one, that is to say in the connection from the cockpit to the individual houses.

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Written by Valerie