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It is important to calculate from the start what the real needs would be for you and your family. Do you need a 1-room, 2- or 3-room apartment? Do you need a spacious living room or not? Calculations must be made rationally, given the changes that may occur in your life – the appearance of a child or maybe the parents move to you. Check the possibility of re-planning the building according to your wishes. So, buy an apartment where you will feel good in 25 years. The jb apartments are the best choices there.


Usually, most people want to live on the middle floors. These apartments for sale in Johor Bahru are the most sought after and the most expensive. Meanwhile, an apartment on the first or last floor is up to 20% cheaper, but also has a lot of other advantages. However, be careful when buying the apartment on the top floor, check the condition of the roof. See the advantages of living on the top floor.

Apartment in a new or old building

Do you want an apartment in a new block or an old block? See and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of living in a new or old block.

With repair or white version

Very simple! Either you opt for an apartment in the white version and you make the repair as you like, but you arm yourself patiently until you complete the repair. Either, if you do not have time but you have more money, you can immediately move to a repaired and furnished apartment. The choice is yours!

The maximum price

Price matters. The maximum budget we have very often dictates all the above. If we do not have too much money we will probably not be able to afford a mega spacious apartment in the Center sector, but it is possible that we could opt for an apartment with the same area in another sector. What do we do if we don’t have enough money? See the question below.

Mortgage or Cash

If we have the entire amount available we can pay the full cash price. If we do not have all the money, we can use a mortgage loan, paying 30% of the total amount from the start, or we can use the First House Government Program, paying the first installment of only 10% of the total budget.

What else could you do?

What else could you do to make your search easier and buy the apartment of your dreams? You could confidently turn to a professional real estate agent who will help you choose the right home for you!

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Written by Valerie