Why Use Social Media

In today’s generation, more than half of the population are using social media. It is rare for you to find a person who doesn’t own even one social media account. Even actors and actresses usually use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which are examples of social media. Just to give you a brief description, social media are online applications or websites that let people share something with their friends or have social interaction with other people. Some websites are free, and some are not. Although some people would say that using social media can be dangerous, you should put it in your head that it can only be dangerous on how you use it. For others, social media can give benefits or advantages to them and if you want to know how then keep on reading this article because listed below are just some of it:

  1. School – For students, using social media can give a boost to their studies. Most of
    the teachers would teach their students by using a PowerPoint presentation or in
    other words, slides. Listening while copying notes from the presentation is a difficult
    thing to do, especially when your teacher doesn’t wait for you to finish copying notes
    from that particular slide or your teacher doesn’t like being interrupted. In order to
    solve this kind of problem, one student can ask for a copy of the said presentation
    and that student shall be the one who is going to give the presentation to all of his or
    her classmates. And in order to do this, using social media is a must. One example of
    social media is the messenger, which is a built-in function of Facebook. Most people
    today have their own Facebook accounts and because of this, the student can just
    make a group chat and add all of his/her classmates. And after doing that, all that
    he/she really needs to do is to just send the presentation. With messenger, students
    can easily transfer or send notes to their friends or classmates.
  2. Business – For people who own a business, one of their major problems is how they
    market or advertise their products or services to the people. They do several
    methods just to reach out to their customers or potential buyers. Some of these
    methods can sometimes cost them a big amount of money, which is a risk since they
    don’t know whether they will get a positive response from the people. If you are a
    businesswoman or businessman yourself, then why don’t you make use of social
    media? We all know that a lot of people own an internet connection, which basically
    means that most of their time they are on their phones, tablets, laptops or
    computers. With this fact, all you have to do is to make a business account on
    Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and input your business information like the name of
    your product and what services you offer. After doing this, upload some of your
    products, in order for the people to see it. With the number of people who owns a
    social media account, there is a huge possibility that a lot of people will view your
  3. Party – If you are planning to have a party and you want to spread it to your friends
    quickly, then just make use of social media. Social media just like the Facebook
    application lets you notify your friends about your party in just a short period of
    time. All you really have to do is to create a group chat and add your friends. After
    doing it, just send the details like the venue or time of your party and everything is
    all done.

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Written by Valerie