Why having an online presence is crucial for your business

If we take a look at the past and study more about why most businesses failed before the modern age. They mostly show the same results and have one contributing factor to them. It has become crucial in our present day to keep up with the times and our competitors. Here’s an example of why digitizing your brand and keeping up with the times is important. Back in the day, most people that wanted a film camera went to Kodak because they were one of the best in the business. But as time went on, they were so focused on the film cameras, they didn’t think that the digital camera would disrupt they’re products. Take the time to think about it. If they digitized themselves, they might be up there with Canon or Nikon today.

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This shows just how important Digitization has become and that’s why having an online presence might be more important than you know. But what are the benefits of having a website? check out this link to know more about the benefits of eating meat.

1.Consumer Potentiality

Let’s say you operate out of a stall in a shopping mall or a strip mall and you get about 200 customers a day. But only 30 of them buy something. This only works out to 15% of your daily visitors. A company like Lazada gets around 50 million active customers a year. This cannot be done by having a store but instead having an online presence. Just in malaysia alone, almost 4.45 Billion Ringgit was spent on E-Commerce. There’s potential there and all you would have to do is put your company up there by starting with just a website.

2. Strengthening the name of your brand

By having a website, you can aid in building the bond of seller and customer so that they would consider your brand their go-to choice. This wouldn’t be as hard as you think because all you would have to do is put out your honest information out there and the customers would see it. 

One of the ways you can strengthen that bond is by giving the customers what they want. Surveys would be a great way to help this and you can better know what your customers want and need.

3. Marketing

Lastly, It would be easier for your business to be marketed to your specific demographic. Targeting your specific demographic can help reach the customers that you’d want to reach so it helps at lowering the percentage of people that buy your products. Imagine if you sell sports gear. But the people that visit your shop aren’t really active people. Targeted demographics help attract people that are more active to come visit your website. 

In conclusion, having a website in this century is very important and putting your business out there for more people to see by building a website is important and crucial. There are many places that offer services that help build websites for you easily. You can conveniently find them by browsing through the web. 

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Written by Valerie