How to open a restaurant?

Planning to open a restaurant? Wow, you make a big step for yourself but before you open a restaurant you need to plan properly to make sure your business is a success. Here are some things you need to do. If you have knowledge in ‘pengurusan restoran’ it is better because that knowledge can help you when you open the business. 

  1. Decide your services and restaurant style

First of all, you need to decide what services you want to do. If you here, pretty sure you decide to open a restaurant right. Then, you need to choose the style that you want to apply to your restaurant either modern, classic, western, local or else. 

  1. Choose location

You really need to choose a perfect location for your business and consider is a place is a place that people always go to or have other attractions that can make your customer see your business. Make sure the place is open so people can really see it. 

  1. Write a business plan

You also need to write a business plan to make your business successful. Make a clear it like the definition for your concept that you want for your business. Do the financial information including the marketing plan, staff hiring, training cost, and all. 

  1. Create a Menu for your restaurant

You must create the menu based on your restaurant and services style. You also need to make sure that you or your staff can cook the menu. If not, how you want to serve the menu if you did not know to cook it at all or else you can learn how to cook it but make sure to make it taste nice because you going to serve it to your customer. 

  1. Hire staff

Next, you also need to hire staff because you can not operate the business alone. Who going to take the order, cook, and make drinks. You can not do it at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you hire your family, friends, or the outside person. They still can be your staff and at the same time, it will make your business operates well. 

  1. Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promotion are really important for business because without marketing people will do not know about your business. There are many ways to market your business either online or offline. If you are planning to do it online, you can market your business on social media or maybe your website. There are many social media that you can try to market your business such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just choose the social media that is suitable for your target audience. 

After you think about these 6 things then you can open your restaurant. Wish you all the best for opening your restaurant. Make sure you do the best, it is normal if you feel down because have a problem when the first time opens the restaurant as long you face the problem not run away from the problem. Best of luck to you. 

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Written by Valerie