How to identify private blog networks

Nowadays, people are no longer go for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all that, all of them have started to shift it to the official website. The way to recognizing a PBN is the cross-site “foot-print” where a significant part of the specialized information on the locales are the same. Old PBN systems in SEO Malaysia were on a similar IP, shared servers, had the equivalent WHO IS data, or even utilized a similar content across sites. This is a famous SEO strategy.

Hosting: It is safe to say that they are all on a similar IP. Anyone can utilize or comparative instruments to distinguish what locales are facilitated with some other web page.

Site Design: The locales all utilization a comparative structure, route and shading plan.

Similar Themes: WordPress topics once in a while have the subject name in the code. Check the source code in your program.

Site ownership: Check WHO IS database for the contact data for the proprietor of the destinations. Having shrouded WHO IS information is a warning. In the event that the majority of the webpage proprietors are the equivalent, it’s conspicuous the sites are associated.

Duplicate content. Copy a paragraph into Google search to see if the content exists on other sites.

Backlink profile: Check the backlink profile in Majestic (these are the biggest databases of connections) to perceive what amount interlinking is happening between destinations. Handle your website like how you handle your relationship with people, always with care.

Pictures and videos, Since recordings and pictures are troublesome and costly to reproduce, these are likely going to be copied on different destinations. Use Google picture or video to discover comparative pieces.

An obvious hint for some PBNs is having a comparable backlink profile. On the off chance that various sites have a similar connection profile, or on the off chance that they all connect to one site on different occasions (particularly where it appears as though pointless excess or it isn’t important), at that point the site is likely piece of a PBN — or, at any rate, is selling joins. Google’s Penguin calculation, which currently keeps running continuously as a component of the center positioning calculation, can identify these sorts of plans and downgrade your site rankings accordingly.

Set this SEO project as your goal to achieve in this year.

Written by Valerie