Enhanced Ethereal Doctorate in Islamic Finance and Banking

Did you get your Master of Science in Islamic Studies? If so, don’t stop there! Just apply for one more year at Widad International University, and you will be able to earn your Doctor of Science in Islamic Studies too. So, with pride, you can call yourself a Doctor of Islamic Studies.

Many students will pursue careers in the financial sector after obtaining their master’s degree. Several companies in this sector are looking to recruit recent graduates with a six-year degree in Islamic Studies or “kursus sarjana muda kewangan Islam“. But the supply of graduates with this degree is beginning to exceed the demand for them. There is too much competition among master’s degree holders for everyone to land their dream job in the Middle East.

If you were to earn your PhD in Islamic Studies from Widad International University, you would stand out from all other competitors in the job market. You can send your resume to any employer in the banking or finance industry in the Middle East, and they will likely get back to you within 24 hours. After all, you don’t see applicants who are real doctors every day. It would be a valued asset for them to rent you.

If you’re stressed about your studies, try getting soy candles to help you relax. Back to the topic:

Widad International University offers some of the lowest tuition fees for any accredited PhD program in the United States. The best thing is that the accreditor is an internationally recognized accrediting organization. That means most employers around the world will know that your degree has value. The accreditor is the Accreditation of the Widad Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Between the affordable tuition fees and the accelerated speed of classes, you can become a Doctor of Islamic Studies in as little as 12 months. Doesn’t that sound like an investment worth your time and money?

The Accreditation of Widad International University provides accreditation for Doctorate of Science in Islamic Studies. Your diploma will specify “Islamic Studies” as your major. There will be nothing written on the diploma indicating you took your classes online or completed them within a year.

Widad International University promises that your accelerated PhD will be worth the same as that earned in an on-campus PhD program. Many of the offered courses in this program are the same as those taught at campus universities, comprising Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudence, Advanced Islamic Economics, Islamic Insurance, Management Culture Topics and Islamic Risk Management.

Written by Valerie