Coach criticizes Wolfsburg Brazilian quartet


Felix Magath is not happy with the Brazilian Wolfsburg quartet. The German coach thinks that Naldo, Fágner, Josué and Diego end up exchanging passes just between them, disregarding their other teammates. Criticism arose after the heavy defeat by 4-0 to Hannover, even playing indoors. “Our Brazilians prefer to play the ball to other Brazilians,” Magath said. The coach added the following words, saying he does not see “bad faith” in the repetition of passes between Brazilians. “It’s understandable, but it can not be a habit,” he said. “During the game it may not be so clear, but our video analysis shows that it is frequent,” he added. The complaint was mainly due to the bid that gave the second goal. Josué missed a pass to Diego when “Schaefer was better placed”.

Written by Valerie