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Any real estate agent with several years of experience can cite by heart a number of examples of clients who made it difficult for him to work. Not that those clients do that consciously, of course. Anyone who would like to sell their home quickly and for a good price knows how important it is that the real estate agent can do his job properly. Yet some home and apartment sellers unwittingly manage to make selling needlessly difficult. For condo for rent Titiwangsa you can have the best choices.

The Right Agent for You

A real estate agent is in a sense a person of trust, just like a doctor, a notary or a lawyer can be. In other words, as a Titiwangsa apartment seller you have a special relationship with your real estate agent. A recognized real estate agent works according to an ethical code and puts the interests of his clients first. At the same time, it is also in the interest of the broker himself to sell the house quickly and for a good price.

Thinking that your own home is unique

For every owner, the house where he or she has lived for years has become more than just a house. Your home is undoubtedly a place where you feel good and where you have become attached. However, some homeowners forget that this is a subjective feeling and that potential buyers don’t have that feeling yet. When determining a selling price, many sellers unconsciously include a piece of emotional value in the price. As a real estate agent, it is not always easy to convince the client that the price is not based on objective facts.


Anyone who wants to avoid the above and other frustrations with their real estate agent would do well to discuss these types of topics without taboos. Your real estate agent is not there to judge how you live in your home, the emotional connection you have with your home, or the way you want to negotiate a sale price.

Do you notice that your real estate agent does not actually agree with the price you want to ask? Then ask yourself whether you really want to sell the house. Perhaps the emotional value is still too high and you really do not want to say goodbye to your home for a reasonable price. In that case, you might want to postpone the sale until the right time.

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Written by Valerie