Behind the Scene of Palms

How much do you know about palm tree?

Today, I will be focusing more on the plant, the mother of nature.

Palm, it can be used every single part. For example, palm leaves, it can be used as Oil Palm, it can be used as cooking oil, as a good ingredients involved in our beauty products, and as well as any other purpose.

Palm seed, can be made as food, snacks, and many more purpose. How good of planting palm tree of your own, especially if you are a Christian, you can even choose the best palm leaves for your palm Sunday as well.

Most of the people nowadays would prefer to use their own fertiliser to plant the palm tree. First, it will definitely help them in saving their cost. Second, it is good for the environment too.

When you choose to use your own fertiliser from your own house, you reduce in creating more trash to the society as well.

And also, if you prefer to buy fertiliser from the professional garden or plant shop, then you are good to proceed with it.

I would definitely not recommend you to do something risky at all. If you are not sure about taking care steps or any other information, you can definitely find it from online or even went to the professional, or even the place you wish to purchase your plant as well, to seek the best professional advice from the buyer.

Although plant is not as equally the same as the animal, they don’t move and they don’t speak, but actually, they are more sensitive than anything else out there. Yoiu can us your phone to take notes on the plants benefits.

Plants can actually listen and feel people’s emotions, do you know that?

You can see most of the plants, especially flowers, the prettier they grew, the better emotions you can know of their owner.

To summarize, we can fully have utilized every single part in palm. I am really grateful to get the chance and share my knowledge about palm with you today. Sometimes, even palm oil can be good for your liver.

Written by Valerie