Are You Capable for Aerospace Engineering?

So, tell me what are the things you can expect working as an Aerospace Engineer in the Aerospace industry? Let’s get started.

As a UA Aero Malaysia engineer, you will be needing to initially take the responsible for a wide range of tasks which are related to the design, development, and testing of new and existing aircraft and aerospace products. So far, I do not see much of Aero mobile apps exist on PlayStore yet, but a lot on social media.

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While all of the activities are really depend on the Aerospace industry of expertise, and some of the common duties will be including of needing to apply some scientific and technology principles to create new components and support equipment for use in aerospace projects.

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Second, they may need to evaluate each aerospace project proposal in order to determine whether they are logically and financially practical.

Third, doing research and develop design specifications.

Fourth, using the CAD software to create project plan.

Fifth, they need to establish the design procedures, quality standards, sustainment after delivery processes as well as the due date.

Sixth, overseeing the assembly of airframes and the installation of instruments, engines, and other components of the aerospace.

Seventh, problem-solving to find solutions for issues arising during aerospace project design, development, and also the testing phases.

Eighth, they need to inspect the completed projects to ensure the overall Aerospace adhere to quality standards.

Ninth, they also need to inspect the damaged and malfunctioning projects to identify why they’re failing and how to fix them.

Tenth, they need to participate in the flight-test programs to measure factors including take-off distances, manoeuvre, rate of climb, stall speeds, and landing capacity.

Eleventh, they need to devising those strategies to improve the performance or safety credentials of aircraft and their components and systems.

Twelve, they need to inspect aircraft regularly, performing maintenance tasks and repairing detected fault.

Thirteen, they need to investigate the aircraft accidents to determine why they occurred.

The working environment for an Aerospace Engineer will be mostly spending their time either in the office or in the lab of Aerospace industry along with the technology equipment and also with some design software along with their work. An Aerospace Engineer will be working with the daily routine of organizing different type of design.

So here are the complete skills that an Aerospace industry are looking for.

The first thing is, you need some technical knowledge, at least, I mean like, this is compulsory. As an Aerospace Engineer, you will need to know how the Aerospace system function entirely, monitor the manufacturing process, and also the federal government standards.

Second, you need a lot of creativity, being an innovative person to survive in the Aerospace industry are particular during the design session.

Third, analytical skills. Analytical skills will help the Aerospace industry to figure out the flaws and also the mediocre design element, as well as formulate alternative solution.

Fourth, you need a good critical thinking mind, as this skill will be helping the Aerospace industry in the translating job and it requires a tangible aerospace solution and justify the failed projects that do not work out in the end.

Fifth, problem solving skills. This skill is to help in reducing the fuel consumption and improve the safety conscious. This will help the industry to save up  a lot of cost in the long run.

Sixth, attention from the details given. As an Aerospace Engineer, you need to pay extra careful to all the small details, which you will never know how many hidden solutions are found in this small details that usually people will not be noticing.

Seventh, you need to be good in Mathematics, like the calculus part, the shape of trigonometry, and some additional advanced mathematics basics and also you need to know to help you in future assessing, developing, and also facing some troubleshoot project.

Eighth, be logic! You will always need to face situation that was assigned to you in an unexpected way, such as spotting the mistakes in the work in order to maintain a high quality and efficient work result. Never, ever easily get affected by your emotions, remember that this is a workspace, not your house.

Ninth, communicate Aerospace information with the people. You always need to speak up your mind and communicate with your workers in order to get a better work done, especially when you are working on a team project.

Tenth, organization and time management. As an Aerospace Engineer in the industry, you need to rely on these skills in order to push yourself to meet the requirements and the deadline as well.

Eleventh, always get ready yourself at any time and be flexible with your time and ability. You need to be willing to work under overloads of pressure and also be able to accept any sudden changes, so that you are able to face a type of challenges in the future. As an Aerospace Engineering, you definitely need to have a good analytic skills.

Twelfth, passionate is definitely a must! If you are not liking this job, then what for you join for this field? You also need a good character and personality to receive the security clearance required in work.

Last but not least, always be able to lead a group of people, always. Just like in the University time, each of the leaders from the group member needs to be able to lead the UA Y-12F others and guide them. Being a leader is always not an easy task to be fulfilled, but I guarantee you that you will be grateful and thankful for having a good leading team skills. It applies to all kind of job, it is always needed in the society, no specific situation.

Written by Valerie