An Intelligent Bot For Your Copywriting Needs: What’s The Catch?

Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence Whether it is in your product development or your customer service or even web copies, artificial intelligence is here to assist us. 

So what are your copywriting needs and how does an intelligent bot assist you? 

Copywriting is where you create specialized content with the purpose and aim of leveraging profit from a targeted audience. The copy is written for our web pages, social media and is all a bigger part of the overall digital marketing plan. Their purpose is to get your customers engaged and motivated to purchase from you. It also acts as a call to action while improving your brand image and awareness.

The copywriting is a reflection of the brand tone and overall brand personality. The words and content we craft so neatly should fit the brand tonality to improve the existing relevancy of your brand in the customer’s minds. Without a good copy, your awareness plummets and it also becomes harder to differentiate. 

Now, one may argue that a human is better at crafting the copy to connect with other humans. But for the purpose of efficiency and saving costs, an intelligent bot has taken over. They can provide accurate, error-free content that is perfect for the brand. Major branding agencies and brand activation agency Malaysia also uses the power of AI to create compelling copies. The intriguing fact about AI copywriting assistants is that it is impossible to figure out whether the copy is written by a human or a bot. Both are equally good and sometimes copies written with AI can even be better. Both in terms of quality, and its compatibility with the search engine. They are highly effective at improving your google ranking and maximizing your visibility among your targeted audience. 

However, there is a catch to this service. It’s not all sunshine and rainbow in the AI copywriting world.

AI copywriters lack empathy the way humans do. This can be increasing opp putting to a customer you are trying to develop a genuine connection with and improve their customer loyalty. The reflection of AI copywriting on customer loyalty towards the brand does not appear to be good for the brand. It can feel ingenuine when coming from a bot rather than a human. Imagine realizing that your favorite brand uses a bot to communicate with you. That can truly leave a bad perception. 

AI copywriters also rob companies and businesses of the creative routine. Creating copies need to be meaningful and driven with art and objectives. Human copywriters who do it even as a side income include a very creative process of coming up with effective copies. AI copywriting can be generic and technical and does not leave much for creativity and idea generations the way humans do. There is no replacing the actual creative process in the world of copywriting. Even AI copywriters need the assistance of human copywriters for their blueprint. 

AI copywriters might also not be the best idea for small businesses and even large one. Affording a lifetime investment for AI and a human copywriter is indeed the best solution for a foolproof copywriting strategy. 

Written by Valerie