3 Halal Food Apps For Wanderlust Like You

Are you a wanderlust who loves everything beyond the walls of your country? Riding a plane shall be a no hassle of course. Finding a cosy place to sleep? Easy peasy. How about food? Where would you get food? Well, duhh, almost everywhere! But wait, is the food…halal? Like if you’re going to Singapore, where would you find a halal meat in Singapore? Hmmm! Well, fret not, take a seat back and chill because this article will be listing some of the useful mobile apps for a Muslim wanderlust like you!

The first one would be the Halal Advisor. This app which is widely used in Australia enables users to find the latest halal food places when they are outside working or traveling, as it will only show places with halal menu without them having to go and ask the chef or the owner whether the meals serve there is halal or not. It also provides the options of takeaway, dining and delivery to its users. Always go for food that is recognise by the public rather than the private like streetfood, in case anything happen. Many of the business have been constantly advertise on social media.

Next would be Zabihah.com which originated from US and was first founded in 1998. Unlike Halal Advisor which only shows the lists of halal food restaurants and outlets, Zabihah is more advanced as it also includes mosques and halal food market as well as grocery shops. Other features included are customers’ reviews, halal verification authenticity, plus the working hours and prices of certain halal food places.

The last but not least is the Scan Halal App. Now we’re moving to more advanced way of verifying the halal certification of your food. All you need to do is to just scan the barcode of the product packaging and see if the colour code shows up afterwards signals halal, syubhah or non-halal. Say if the product turns out to be non- halal, users can always look for alternatives on the options featured on this app. There is no free lunch in this world.

All in all, there is always a way for us to do the things we love without going over the limit sets by our faith. It really depends on us whether we want to do it the right way or find excuses to go overboard with our decision. The choice is yours. Make the best one!

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Written by Valerie